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Date:14/10/2008, 18 06 03 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 16 04 13 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 14 02 23 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 12 12 33 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 10 10 43 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 07 07 01 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 05 05 11 (UTC)
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Date:14/10/2008, 03 03 23 (UTC)
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Date:13/10/2008, 23 11 41 (UTC)
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Date:13/10/2008, 18 06 13 (UTC)
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